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Faisal Imran Malik – A leading figure in Pakistani Agtech:

Barrister Faisal Imran Malik is a Chartered Accountant, Barrister at Law, as well as a financial expert. Faisal Imran Malik grew up in Pakistan, where he started his educational journey. After graduating from the prestigious Karachi University, he went on to become a Certified Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan. Before he was even a graduate, however, he started working in one of the world’s most prestigious accounting firms - Ernest and Young (Formerly Arthur Andersen). This gave Faisal Imran Malik access to some of the best minds in the accounting world, and under their wing, he would learn more than any classroom. 

Starting his journey two and a half decades ago, he has since acquired a diverse skillset by not being limited to a single field of work or industry. Once Barrister Faisal Imran Malik PIA had finished his financial education - which involved him becoming a Certified Professional Accountant CPA (Ontario) as well as a Certified General Accountant CGA (Ontario) - he set his eyes on a new goal; Law. within the next few years, Faisal Imran Malik would enroll and subsequently excel at two of the most prestigious institutes of law in the United Kingdom. 


The importance of Agtech

Agriculture is one of the most important food sources in today’s world. Thus, agriculture is, arguably, the most essential sector necessary for the growth and survival of civilization. “Agtech” or “Agrotech” is a collection of cutting-edge, innovative techniques that employ technology to tackle the problems faced throughout the agricultural industry to help increase production and reduce indirect costs. As the population of the world rises, the amount of resources we have that can be dedicated solely to food production keeps getting reduced. With a limited number of people, and their constantly growing demand for consumer products, the amount of land and the number of people dedicated to agricultural production keeps reducing. Alongside that, the pertinent issue of climate change has pushed the world toward adopting sustainable policies. The need, therefore, for innovation has given rise to a new industry based around meeting the demand for agricultural products. 


Faisal Imran Malik stepped into the world of agriculture first as the Head of Finance and Planning of Engro Corp. Engro, which had already been a major player in the agricultural sector of Pakistan, did not see its growth slow down under the watchful guidance of Faisal Imran Malik PIA. He introduced policies focused on sustainability and restructured the whole organization to reduce waste and increase profitability. These policies left an indelible mark on the organization and formed the culture of growth, cohesion, and sustainability that the organization prides itself in today. Sometime later, Faisal Imran Malik PIA former CFO was also elected the Chairman of the Pakistan Dairy Association; the biggest association of dairy producers in Pakistan. Due to Chairman Faisal Imran Malik’s new policies, Pakistan introduced its first “minimum pasteurization law”, which would later become the cornerstone of the packaged dairy industry, propelling the industry forward decades. 


Faisal Malik’s contribution to Engro Corp:

Engro Corps (formerly “Exxon Chemicals”) is Pakistan’s leading agricultural conglomerate. Founded in 1965, Engro Corps has been a leading producer of fertilizers, petrochemicals, energy, and trading. With a diverse portfolio of brands and services, Engro has established itself as a household name. Starting off as a mining company, Engro has since diversified to incorporate agriculture, telecommunications, petrochemicals and mining, as well as power generation, making them the single biggest conglomerate in Pakistan. 

In 2004, Faisal Imran Malik joined the company as the Head of Finance and took it upon himself to work toward improving the overall performance of the company. His diverse experience gave him a leg up in the game and thus enabled him to analyze data, examine the competition, and make policies that would impact the weakened parts of the organization. One such landmark advice was the company’s decision to diversify into seeds - an idea proposed by the then-HoF Faisal Imran Malik. Since Engro Corps was already the biggest producer of fertilizers and agro-chemicals, it should come as no surprise that Engro had soon captured the market for seeds just as aptly. 

Such policies and their implementation are a hallmark of good leadership. And although 

Faisal Imran Malik left Engro Corps soon afterward, he would come back a decade later with a fresh perspective and transform the organization further. In 2018, Faisal Malik CFO would find himself once more at Engro’s doorstep, this time as a consultant. In this new role, he faced countless challenges, both big and small, and overcame them masterfully. To overcome the shortfall in revenue, Faisal Imran Malik identified multiple investment opportunities for the organization to diversify into. These included expanding production to incorporate edible oils into the production line, looking into the feasibility of a large-scale dairy farm, aquaculture, and a lot of other innovative ideas that combat the challenges of climate change while keeping in mind the demands of the people. 

Faisal Malik’s contribution to Haleeb Foods:

Haleeb Foods is one of Pakistan’s most prominent companies that focuses mainly on dairy products and beverages. It was established in 1984 as a dairy producer but has since branched out to incorporate a lot of Pakistan’s favorite brands. In 2011, the Haleeb Foods company employed the expertise of Faisal Imran Malik as Deputy CEO. He was called to take charge of a bankrupt company, but using his expertise in finance and law, he was able to leave the company far better than he found it. 

By identifying and eliminating wasteful processes and streamlining the whole company, Faisal Malik was able to make Haleeb Foods one of the biggest dairy producers in Pakistan once again. He achieved this by keeping sustainability and his concern for his employees at the forefront and was congratulated for the amazing turnaround by the Country CEOs of Tetra Pak Middle East and North Africa.


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