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’Greenfield Ventures, M&A’

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Abbot-Knoll Merger
Coordinated Abbot-Knoll Merger, calculated the share swap ratio, and post merger Integration projects (2002)

Due Diligence of Avanceon Acquisition
Facilitated acquisition of Avanceon (formerly 'Innovative Automation & Engineering Ltd') after an insightful due diligence exercise (2004)
M&A Opportunities in Food & Agri Vertical
Evaluated M&A opportunities in the Food & Agri vertical within markets such as commodities, confectionery, and spices & recipes (2019-20)
Horticulture Value Chain Analysis
Analysed horticulture value chain and identified meaningful problems worth solving for Engro using a defined criterion (2020)

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Investment Opportunities in Seafood Industry
Studied opportunities in Pakistan’s seafood industry in general, with a particular focus on inland farming/aquaculture for export of shrimps (2019)
Investment Opportunities in Personal Care Sector
Researched and analysed personal care categories such as Shampoos, Conditioners, Toilet Soaps, Blades, Toothpastes, Baby Diapers, Hair Removing Creams, Face Creams, and Facial Tissues (2018)

Investment Opportunities in Food & Beverages Sector
Spearheading new investment propositions in Food & Beverages (F&B) sector. Studied the market and analysed opportunities in categories such as Mineral Water, Tea & Coffee, Spices & Recipes, Noodles, Edible Oils & Salted Snacks (2019)
Strategic Vision of Engro Eximp Agri Products
Proposed a new strategic vision for Engro Eximp Agriproducts Pvt. Ltd. (EEAP) focusing on growth by venturing into Irri rice and expanding the business into staple food products such as wheat, maize, spices and recipes (2020)

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